Long-Lasting Lubrication for Prosthetic Eyes

The FDA Approved Ingredients in OcuGlide are Formulated to Help Relieve Prosthetic Eye Discomfort and Discharge

October 7, 2007

If you experience dryness, irritation, discharge or difficulty blinking due to
 the wear of a prosthetic eye, relief is finally here…and it’s called OcuGlide™.

OcuGlide™ offers long-lasting relief in an affordable, extraordinarily easy-to-use
gel specifically created
for safe, clean application without the need to remove your prosthetic.

provides long-lasting comfort from irritation and discharge due to its unique medium-viscosity formula, dimethicone-based formula. Dimethicone (also known as Polydimethylsiloxane or PDMS) is an organic polymer that is FDA approved and recommended by American ocularists for use with modern prosthetic

Because OcuGlide™ is water resistant, it won’t be absorbed by the surrounding eye tissue like many water or saline-based products. Additionally, its medium-viscosity formula allows artificial eyes to blink smoothly, without the goopy discharge.

Why Choose OcuGlide™?

  • FDA approved ingredients are safe and easy-to use everyday
  • Ocularist recommended for around-the-clock prosthetic eye wear.
  • Medium-viscosity formula keeps prosthetics clean and properly lubricated
  • Easy to order online and inexpensive when compared to similar products


There are several other ocular lubricants on the market, but many are water or saline-based and tend to be absorbed by the body, resulting in dryness, discomfort and a crusty discharge. Similarly, many of the silicone-based oils currently available can cause watering of the eye or a goopy discharge due to improper viscosity.

Only OcuGlide™ offers premium artificial eye comfort and protection at an affordable price!

How do I use OcuGlide™?

.... Applying OcuGlide™ really couldn’t be easier! OcuGlide’s scientifically-formulated gel lubricant has been specifically created for application directly inside the eye orbit. That means there’s no need to remove your artificial eye – simply apply as if putting in eye drops, and normal blinking helps to spread the lubricant evenly. And, since modern prosthetic eyes are designed to stay in for long periods of time,
allows you to leave your artificial eye in all day without cleaning…even overnight, unless cleaning is needed!

How much and how often do you need to use OcuGlide™ depends on your environment, but most users only need apply 1 to 3 drops 3 or 4 times a day.

It’s safe, clean and extraordinarily simple…what more could you ask for?

Why trust the comfort of your artificial eye to anything less than the very best? To learn more, read product use directions, or order OcuGlide™, visit the
 OcuGlide official website.


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